Only ONE more day!!

Posted by Tammy

Harry Connick Jr. in concert at Red Rocks in Denver with my best friend Andrea. SO excited!!! Whoo hoo! I hope to get some contraband photos to post, but we'll see. I'll for sure share our experience on Friday!!

The music playing is Harry - from this >>> album. A tribute to New Orleans and the people affected by Hurricane Katrina.

2 Opinions:

Tammy said...

Yay Tammy, that should be a wonderful concert not to mention how HOT he is! Loved your enviornment shot pulling weeds with that cute flip do :)

BTW the tongue thing could also be a Libra thang too. lol

Nice header too! XXOO

~jolene said...

I love what Harry Connick, Jr has done/is doing for Katrina victims! And many others as well...but as for the Shrub administration...it is just unacceptable to me that some parts of N.O. -- a MAJOR city in the USA...STILL looks like a forgotten war zone...what 21+ months later?! Arghhhhh!!!!

Oh, sorry Tammy, you know how us old hippies rant....

Have a groovy time at the concert and blow Harry a kiss for me ;-)