Self Portrait Challenge - Environment #1

Posted by Tammy

It is a new month, and a new challenge for Self Portrait Challenge. This month:

"This month the challenge is to show yourself in your surroundings, using your environment as a marker of who you are. It might be the onset of extreme weather or it might be the particular seasonal fruits and foods you like to eat or places you like to visit or activities you participate in that are special to this time of year. Another aspect of ‘environment’ can be how you participate in the care of or how you feel about your special surrounding. There might be woodland area you spend one day month taking care of, or you might be part of a community gardening project, you might join in on national clean up day or tree planting for your local school. Or you might just spend this time of the year taking care of your vegetable garden or reveling in the joyous season. Show us what is special to you in your environment. "

Mike took this photo of me in the garden! I planted wild flower seeds last summer, and they have gone crazy this year! The weeds are out of control. But, I like the wildness of this space anyway. It is below the deck and very protected - no one but us sees it. I want to put a swing there, so we can swing outside and enjoy the wild flowers (and the weeds!)

6 Opinions:

Jeremy Stockwell said...

Not only IN your environment, but IMMERSED in it! Nice job.

hollibobolli said...

Well, I guess they are WILD flowers!!

I love gardening. What a fun picture. The garden looks green - yay!

Sacred Suzie said...

What a neat photo of you Tammy! The colours are unusual and there is texture there and you are so involved in your environment, it's perfect!

Deb R said...

Wow, what a beautiful spot! Great shot, Tammy!

ttbookjunkie said...

Wow! What a bunch of flowers, how pretty.


Vedrana M. said...

beautiful flowers :) great portrait