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Well, here it is Monday again! I have lots of things to share too! First - I missed Photo Thursday last week at Create a Connection, but I still want to participate! :) Nino at Cease Cows was the guest host for May and her theme for last Thursday was Water.

My water picture is from my garden! We have this cool little fountain - it used to be a fish pond, but sprung a leak! Our landlord remodeled it quickly and turned it into this:

It is a little bare around it right now, but once the flowers take hold and start blooming it will look so pretty!! I love the sound of the water too! Here are a few more of my garden and flowers!

On Saturday, Mike and I went
white-water rafting in the Cache La Poudre canyon near Fort Collins!! We had gone once two years ago, and it was SO fun! I got really nervous before hand, but once our trip was underway, it was all fun! I hope I'll have a picture to share, but there are some "technical" difficulties. You see, this rafting company uses the Pigeon Express to get the photos back to the shop before the raft trip is over. The photographer places the digital memory in a little tiny pack attached to a homing pigeon's back. (no, really!) and then the birds fly home and they get the photos ready for when we come back from rafting.

Well, we have bad luck with pigeons I guess. Last time we went, the pigeon actually lost the film. I guess that never happens, but it did for us! So - no picture. This time - the pigeon was very late in arriving and when we headed for home, had not arrived with his film! So, we're waiting to see what happened. I have a call in to find out, but so far no photos! Suffice it to say, we had a great time, but we are REALLY sore! Muscles are protesting the heavy use! Paddling down a river with class 2 and 3 rapids is hard work!! But, oh so enjoyable!

And, I actually made some art yesterday!! Shocker! I pulled out the old Sharpies and I made three ATCs for a "music" theme swap! Yay! It was fun. I think the fumes went to my head! :) I'm packing these up to send off today!

And last but not least, I got fun mail last week! Remember that fun tea swap I was in a month or so ago? Well, Mary Ann and her sister - the hostesses - sent out great little thank you packages. They put a lot of work into these and it was so sweet!! Thanks guys!! You make swapping loads of fun!! Can't wait for the next one!

Oh, and ONE MORE THING! I won something!!! Something very fun - although it is a surprise as to what I'm really getting. Jolene of The Blue Cottage had a contest in May - if you commented on her blog - she entered your name in a drawing... Well yours truly won the drawing. Jolene is sending me a handmade journal!! I'm SOOOO excited! Jolene and her daughter Jill are two of my favorite bloggers. I bought a journal on ebay that Jill made, and now I will have one of Jolene's too! How lucky can a girl get?! :) Yay!

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Melba said...

Wow what a fun post with lots of pictures. Love your new banner. It is so you Tammy!

~jolene said...

Thanks Tammy! Your journal is on it's way -- mailed it today :)

Love todays post!!

BellaKarma said...

Awww, thank you Tammy! :)
When I pulled your name as the winner, I was so thrilled!! I love knowing our creations have a home with you. Your music ATCs are ROCKIN'! And YAY for fumes! LOL! My favorite used to be from the Magic Markers...I think that was the name. You're a Gen X girl too, so you probably recall what I'm thinking of.

BlueJude said...

OH I love the fountain! And the ATC's. I've been thinking f a small fountain for my new patio (when it gets done that is! lol) Thanks for sharing and Happy Tuesday T!

Sacred Suzie said...

What an absolutely amazing garden, you're really creating an oasis and look at what you have created with art! You're amazing Tammy.