Super Fun Mail!!

Posted by Tammy

I actually won something!! Jolene over at The Blue Cottage ran a fun little contest in May. If you left a comment at her blog during the month, she entered your name in a drawing. Well, I love her blog, and comment often, so it was a given that I'd be entered!!

Well, I won!! Whoo hoo!! Jolene makes some amazing, fantastic things! I got my winning package in the mail last night!! Such pretty wrapping:

And contained inside was one of Jolene's one-of-a-kind hand bound, coptic stitch journals!! SOCOOL!! (to borrow one of Jolene's words!) It is the cover of an old, very cute book, and inside are wonderful, thick blank pages!!

Check out the cool spine - you can see the stitching!

Thanks Jolene!! I LOVE it! It goes in a place of honor next to the journal I purchased from Jill! :)

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Melba said...

Good for you!

~jolene said...

Tammy, thank YOU for such nice comments and such great publicity for my journals! LOL!!! You are too much!

Yes, the cover of your journal is an authentic vintage book from 1938! Oh, and Mike..the lyrics weren't all that bawdy...LOL!!! Trust me I read 'em :)

I am happy that the journal will be put to good use!

Congrats again!!


lila said...

I'm sure you will enjoy the new journal...and it's handmade!!!!( That is a wild cover!)

Journal-keeping is a soul-nurturing pastime!

Sacred Suzie said...

Way to go Tammy! What a fun treasure to show up in the mail and to win! Congrats!

Potato Prints said...

Hi Tammy,
Congratulations! You deserve it. You do so much to keep the community going.