Self Portrait Challenge - Environment #2

Posted by Tammy

This week's portrait is one that I took last week in my garden. I wanted to get some new shots, but it is raining this morning and too wet to go out with my camera! I weeded on Saturday and have some gorgeous wildflowers blooming!! I'll get shots for later in the week!

I planted this strawberry plant last summer. I didn't even remember it until it started coming back and blooming this spring! This cute little berry is the only one that grew, but isn't it cute?

While doing yard work on Saturday, Mike and I each had one tiny bite of this little strawberry (it had ripened up!) It was the best ever. Mike said, "We should grow more strawberries!" :) Mmmm, strawberry preserves anyone? I'm thinking a raised bed full of strawberry plants! (But, we have bunnies running around too - they might eat them!)

Next on the list - a vegetable patch? :)

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Vedrana M. said...

aww, lovely :) strawberries are great! it's really nice to see how you enjoy in your garden

Jeremy Stockwell said...

Glad you let it ripen before consuming!! Yowza!

Melba said...

That little berry is cute!

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Tammy said...

I should have gotten a "ripe" picture too! :) It was so cute! I do love my garden - although I get VERY frustrated with the weeds - and the vinca vine which just goes crazy!!

(Thanks for your blog link Melba - I got it figured out, but I was worried when my normal link didn't take me there anymore!)

~jolene said...

Yummo! Strawberries are one of most favorite berries! And I love this macro shot you got showing the detail...very 'arty' strawberry!

Carolyn said...

You wrote:
I'm thinking a raised bed full of strawberry plants! (But, we have bunnies running around too - they might eat them!)

LOL...what you do is plant a lot of them so they can have a few...but really, what we did to our strawberry plants helped. We got a piece of chicken wire/biddie wire...bent it in half length and made a tent over the plants. Be sure and close up the ends.

Miriam said...

I love the composition to this! Beautiful.

BellaKarma said...

I couldn't help but think of what a cute charm the strawberry would make. :)