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(AFK = Away From Keyboard)

Don't know why I have been missing from blogging... I just haven't had anything to say or share for a while I guess. Not that there isn't stuff going on... because there is. I've just felt like I needed to be quiet.

Mike has been traveling a lot for his job. He may be sent out again soon, but we don't know yet. We're going ahead with plans for our trip to Raleigh in a couple weeks though! I'm really excited to go down there and see the area! I think I could use the vacation too!

Work has been a bit more stressful than usual. We are introducing a bunch of new products (all at once!) and so my work load has increased. Because I am the only one who can do the website work, it all falls to me at the last minute to get our new products up and ready! I think the first wave of new stuff will be ready and posted today!! Whoo hoo!

We're still having kitty issues at home. Miss Girl and Luna are just at it constantly. It's getting OLD. I wish there was a way to MAKE them get over their differences. But, there isn't... we're going to try the Feliway dispensers again to see if we notice a difference. Oscar has even started not being nice to Miss Girl. Sheesh! Poor little cat. She is just so hissy - no one likes that!

My folks are leaving today to head back toward their winter home in California. My mom is going to make a King size quilt for Mike and I! Yay!! I went and bought the material on Sunday. This is definitely a ME style quilt! I picked out all batik fabrics! I think it will be SOOO pretty! It's a Grandmother's Flower Garden design - you can see another quilt my mom made at her
blog. This will be the design of mine, but below are the fabrics!! I love them!! One side will be all mixed colors with the tan connecting pieces:

And the other side will be all green tones with sage green connectors:

Mom has to finish my sister's quilt before she starts on mine, but it's fun knowing she has everything to start it!! She's pretty fast - although she's never made one this large before!! I have two others she has made for me (both the same pattern) but they are only full size. I have one on a guest bed. And the other - well, I wore it out. It's packed away because it's falling apart. I LOVED it to pieces! :)

That's most of the news from here! I think I'll be back sooner rather than later... I'll have some art to share soon as well!

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Deb R said...

That'll be a really pretty quilt! I love batiks.

I hope your kitties settle down and decide to get along soon. It's so stressful when they don't.

Tammy said...

Is there a Cat Whisperer? I watch The Dog Whisperer alot. :) You have alot going on and a big move...yikes! At least you will be warm in your colorful quilt. :)

Deep breath...hug!

Ginnie said...

Weather update for the Raleigh area. It's Thursday afternoon and about 82 deg. and just had a light rain. I hope you will enjoy the trip...it will be quite a change from Colorado.

Tammy said...

I so cannot wait to see this quilt!! I'm very excited! :) I fell in love with the fabrics. I could spend all day picking out fabric - even though I don't sew!

Tammy - we do have a lot going on. I'll be happy to know what the plan is! Even just thinking about moving is scary! How do you plan for it?!?!

Thanks for the update Ginnie!! I'm so looking forward to coming to your "neck of the woods"! I think I'll really enjoy it - I know it will be a change! Change is good though!

Jana B said...

OMW!!! I LOVE the materials you picked out for the quilt!!!

Shannon said...

Heya Tammy!

I've been a little non-blogging-regulary as of recent too. It's odd when it happens, I guess we all need a break sometimes!

I'm sorry to hear the cats aren't getting a long, so much drama those furry ones cause. They do always find a way to sort it out, eventually - best of luck!

hollibobolli said...

I understand the need to be quiet.. I really do.

We used to have two cats in my parents - we started to call them "Upstairs Cat/Downstairs Cat because if one of them stepped literally one stair over the other's boundary a riot would break out and violence ensued.

Melba said...

Very cool quilt. My mom planned on kniitting us each a wedding blanket, but she didn't get very far. Fortunately when I was ain collage she made me a big granny square blanket. I love taking it out of the chest in our bedroom when the weather gets colder.