New Art

Posted by Tammy

No - Really!! I haven't been creating much lately, but I did this doodle the other night. It was inspired by my Mojo yahoo group. This month's mojo theme was "Hand Jive"... I love hands, so I HAD to participate! :)

I traced my hand and then doodled it in. I did this with my tiny, fine line Staedtler pens rather than Sharpies... I wanted the detail I could get with the finer lines.

I did this while I was in a snit (really bad SNIT fit actually) about our washing machine - breaking, again, with MY clothes in it! Sheesh. All is OK for now... but man, I hate when things break! I guess doodling while I'm mad is a good thing! I finished this in about 30 minutes!

I have some fun mail to share also, but the photos didn't turn out, so I'll try again and post soon!

4 Opinions:

~jolene said...

Tammy - this is SOCOOL!
It reminds me of the Mendhi stencils of India!
I just LOVE it.

Looks like your creative mojo is in high gear once again!

Ruth said...

I LOVE your Hand Jive MoJo Tammy!! Your'SNITiness' obviously attracted one of your many creative muses...this is really groovin' girl! All the MoJoer's did a great job...going to be reallly difficult picking a favorite.


Tammy said...

Thanks Jolene!!

I've had Mendhi done and have done a bit of doodling with it on ATCs before too. If (when) I get married, I want to have it done for my wedding day! :)

I agree Ruth - there was a great spurt of energy with the hand mojo and it will be hard to pick just one favorite! :)

I think I need to remember when I'm mad, my art works for some reason!! Channel the mad I guess!

Sacred Suzie said...

Very funky Tammy! I love it, it's psychedelic yet folk art-y at the same time.