Kitty Cuteness (or is that Kuteness?)

Posted by Tammy

Henry is SOOO happy it's space heater time. He can be found any time the heater is on, curled up near it, or with his paws stuck under it. I even caught him with his nose stuck darn near in it!

Miss Girl hasn't discovered the heater. But, she loves it when I sit still (for instance, watching a movie)! She curls up in my lap and demands pets. Mike captured this photo. She leaned up against me and then flopped over so I would rub her belly. That is her ultimate favorite thing! (I didn't correct her eyes because... check it out - one is glowing green, the other is red! Weird!)

2 Opinions:

Sacred Suzie said...

Could they be cuter Tammy?! Nope nope nope! I don't think so, LOL. What little sweeties, I envy you.

Just a little echo of a headache this morning, thank goodness. That'll teach me to do too much! Oi, vey.

Misty said...

So cute! (or Kute... which made me smile!)