LAST day of NaBloPoMo - and New Art!!

Posted by Tammy

Well, we made it!! I've posted at least something every day this month!! I didn't think I'd make it when I got sick. It was hard to consider what to post when my brain was all fuzzy and cold-addled!

I did get some new art done this month (as promised, Vicki!) I procrastinated until the last possible minute... I know, I know - hard to believe I'd do something like that! :) I'm mailing these cards off today to make it under the wire for postmark by date!!

The swap is a Project Runway swap for my Sharpie group! ATCs based on the Bravo show Project Runway - which I had never seen until recently. One of my fellow Sharpie Scouts sent me a tape with the first two episodes of season 4! Boy, it is a fun show! I'm sorry I can't watch more as we don't have cable! I'll have to keep up online and watch clips I think.

I made three cards that were my take on some sketches from season 3, and one card based on the first challenge of season 4 - to show how I would be as a designer. A fashion designer I'm not, but these were fun! These first three are my take on the sketches.

This last one is my attempt at a design. I used real fabric for the skirt and top. The belt and embellishments are pieces of ribbon. And the background is silver sharpie. I think it's cute, but it certainly wouldn't win any fashion awards!

5 Opinions:

Janet said...

Oh, that swap sounds like such fun! Sharpies and designing clothes....what could be better!

I like the ones you did and who cares if you win a fashion award....most of those clothes are just too weird!!

Janet said...

After reading that over again, I thought you might be confused by what I said. I meant that most fashion stuff is weird, not your drawings!!

BellaKarma said...

I love your ATCs! And I am so jealous of your sketching talent! Your dresses are prettier than what I've seen so far on a Very Boring new season of PR!

And congrats on NaBlo! What are you going to join next, so I can follow you like a puppy? ;-)

Vedrana M. said...

i really like the last one, looks great :)

hollibobolli said...

I know JC rented PR when he didn't have Bravo one year. You could always rent the dvd's when the season comes out. you could always rent the old seasons - those were the best ones anyway!! I love that show.. it's my favorite!!