Getting in on the Movie Fun!

Posted by Tammy

This meme has been making the rounds, and as I'm such a huge movie fan, I had to get in on the fun! (I borrowed this from DebR, but I have seen it in so many places lately! Let me know if you play along too!)

The Rules: I pick the quotes from some of my favorite movies off the IMDb website and list them, then you guess which movies they’re from without any help from IMDb, Google, or other search engines. Leave your answers in the comment section, and as people get them right, I’ll start marking off the ones that have been guessed correctly. No prizes awarded, but it's fun to play anyway!!

Guessing is closed - I stumped you all on #6, 7, 11 and 14! I've added (in green) those movies! :)

(A little clue - the music player that I added to my blog yesterday will give you hints to the movies! The playlist is all songs from my 15 movies! Also Pretty in Pink was a guess for #6 - but that's not it! Pretty in Pink IS one of the quotes though!

Another clue - one of the quotes IS from Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. Kristen figured that out from the songs, but not which quote!

DebR correctly guessed that one of the quotes is from Singin' in the Rain. This is my all time favorite movie! She didn't guess the quote though. Anyone, anyone?)

1. "Short people have long faces, and long people have short faces. Big people have little humor, and little people have no humor at all. What's the first thing an actor learns? 'The show must go on!' Come rain, come shine, come snow, come sleet, the show MUST go on!" (DebR got this one {and I didn't even add an additional quote... I forgot!} It is from my all time favorite movie - Singin' in the Rain!)

2. "You truly love each other and so you might have been truly happy. Not one couple in a century has that chance, no matter what the story books say. And so I think no man in a century will suffer as greatly as you will." (The Princess Bride - DebR got this one in a snap!)

3. "Wilt thou give me a lock of thy jet-black tresses?"

"But I don't have any black dresses." (Anne of Green Gables - Kristen got this!)

4. "Do you remember that night? As long as it's not Swiss or tap water it will be fine, preferably French, no bubbles. I want it cold, no ice, no glass, just the bottle and a straw. Do you want to write it down? I don't want Swiss water, I got sick on an imported Swiss water once... " (This is Jill too -This is Return to Me. Said by "the date from hell".)

5."He can really cook, can't he?"

"Yeah, although for grilled cheese, I might use the wool setting."

"That's what I told him."

"Really? What did he use?"

"Rayon. Silk would have been too soggy. Cotton would have..."

"Would have burned it."

"Right. Fortunately, he consulted me before giving it steam. I was four square against it." (Correctly guessed by Jill - This is from Benny and Joon.)

6. "You're my knight in shimmering armor. Did you know that?"

"I think you mean shining."

"No shimmering. You shimmer, and you glow." (This is NOT Pretty Woman as has been guessed.)

(Another quote - which I forgot earlier! - to help you out: "Match in the gas tank, boom, boom!")

This quote is from another of my all time favorites (top 5 for sure!) "What's Eating Gilbert Grape?"

7. "Oh, there's nothing worse than a finicky agapanthis."

(Another quote to help you out in guessing: "Every now and then everybody is entitled to too much perfection.")

This movie is "Bed of Roses" - total chick flick, but I love it!

8. "We don't have none of this stuff in the boy's room! Wait a minute! We don't got none of this... we don't got doors on the stalls in the boy's room, we don't have, what is this? What's this? We don't have a candy machine in the boy's room!" (Jill got this one too - Pretty in Pink when Ducky gets thrown in the girls' bathroom)

9. "Me? I'm scared of everything. I'm scared of what I saw, I'm scared of what I did, of who I am, and most of all I'm scared of walking out of this room and never feeling the rest of my whole life the way I feel when I'm with you." (Dirty Dancing - DebR got this one too!)

10. "What's the d├ęcor? Early Mexican brothel?" (Chocolat - Kristen got this one also!)

11. "I know I can't the make the bad go away. You're right, I can't. But when the bad comes again, I am gonna be next to you."

(Another quote to help in guessing: "I'm a BLT down sort of person, and I think you're looking for someone a little more pheasant under glass.")

I'm surprised no one got this one! It is from "Frankie and Johnny". A truly great movie in my opinion!

12. "Dancing's just a conversation between two people. Talk to me."

(Another quote hint: "Why does everybody keep asking me if I've been drinking? What? Is there like a coaster stuck to my butt or something?") (Dragonfly got this one - these are quotes from Hope Floats! The first one is Harry Connick Jr. speaking to Sandra Bullock. The second is Sandra Bullock's character!)

13. "What fun. Baby bottles of booze."

(Hint: "That's just what this country needs: a cock in a frock on a rock.") (With the help of an additional quote and some music to inspire - DebR got this one too! This is from Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. It is a fantastic, but vulgar movie, which I absolutely love! The soundtrack rocks!)

14. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing that a rooftop and an AK-47 won't take care of."

(And one last hint: "My regime? The regime from which the radicals are trying to get free? Are we selling face cream or staging a coup?")

There are many good lines in this movie, but my first quote is my favorite! I've used it on occasion! It is from "The Truth About Cats and Dogs".

15. "You'll never find peace by hating, lad. It only shuts ye off more from the world. And this town is only a cursed place, if ye make it so. To the rest of us, 'tis a blessed place!"
(DebR and Kristen guessed right - one of my favorite musicals, Brigadoon! Gene Kelly is my favorite and another of the quotes is a Gene Kelly movie!)

28 Opinions:

Deb R said...

#2 is The Princess Bride

#5 and #9 are both sooooo close to the edge of my brain that I can actually hear them in my head, but I can't quite pull out what the movies are...yet. I'll think about it though and maybe it'll come to me. :-)

I can't wait to see the answers, because some of these I don't recognize, but they sound fun!!

Deb R said...

OhOH, I think #9 just clicked for me - Dirty Dancing!

Tammy said...

Yep! Deb, you got #2 and #9 right, first thing! :)

nap girl said...

gee, i don't know any of these!!...and i fancy myself a movie buff anD just watched the Princess Bride! fun though, will continue to (try to) play when you post more :)

Jana B said...

I don't know any of these either!!! Wow! How sad am I? lol

Hey, you changed the music on your blog!!!! What was the last one you had on here? I kept meaning to download it. This one is awesome too though. :)

kristen said...

10) Chocolat *smile*

and i *THINK* that #3 is Anne of Green Gables?

and the last one is right there - niggling at me...sounding very familiar...

6 is maybe pretty in pink? but i can't remember what ducky was wearing...so maybe not.

Tammy said...

I did change the music! If you go to the bottom - there is actually a play list now that will shuffle around. AND - the songs on the playlist are clues to the movies! :)

Kristen got #3 and #10. Number 6 is NOT Pretty in Pink, BUT one of the others IS! Little clue!

Tammy said...

Oh - and Jana - the music I had on for a long time was Brandi Carlile - a song called The Story. I love the whole CD!

Tammy said...

Oh - and Jana - the music I had on for a long time was Brandi Carlile - a song called The Story. I love the whole CD!

Deb R said...

Is #15 from Brigadoon?

kristen said...

15 - yep, i agree with deb - brigadoon!

kristen said...

the song is from Priscilla Queen of the Desert (wrote dessert first - heh heh)...but i can't place the right quote....or, maybe it's from - argh! what was the movie - the one with toni collette???? argle!!!! the one with all the ABBA songs.....

kristen said...

muriel's wedding is the movie i was thinking of with toni collette -- but again, can't figure ot which quote it would be...

Tammy said...

Kristen - you're right, the song is from Priscilla - and so is the quote. It's a bit obscure, since I was trying to avoid quotes that might be offensive! Hard to do with Priscilla! I loved Muriel's Wedding too, but it's not one of my movies (at least this round!)

I may have to do another round - this has been FUN!

BellaKarma said...

#4 ... is it Return to Me?

BellaKarma said...

# 8 is Pretty in Pink (When Ducky gets thrown into the girl's restroom).

BellaKarma said...

#5 ... Benny & Joon?

BellaKarma said...

#6 is Pretty Woman.

Rebecca in SoCal said...

#4 must be "When Harry Met Sally"

Tammy said...

Good guesses Jill! 3 out of 4! No Pretty Woman quotes on my list!

And When Harry Met Sally, also not on my list, but it should be!! I didn't think of that one when looking up my quotes! :) I'm going to have to play again. There are just too many movies on my favorites list! I don't own as many as DebR, but I'm in the range of 200 titles now.

Deb R said...

Well, like kristen, I know a movie title from a song in the playlist, but am not sure which quote goes with it!! The song "Good mornin'" is from the uber-fabulous "Singin' in the Rain."

But I'm not sure about the quote! #12 maybe???

Deb R said...

Ok, if Singin' in the Rain doesn't go with #12, then I think it goes with #1. I really dithered between those two. If it's something else other than that, I'm going to be sitting here going "dayum!!!"

Deb R said...

OhOH, your additional hint makes me think that #13 is the quote for Priscilla, Queen of the Desert!! I've only seen that movie, once, but that cock/frock/rock thing is ringing a bell for me!

Tammy said...

Deb - you rock! :) #1 is from Singin' in the Rain - truly my all time favorite!

And you got #13 too - Priscilla! It's vulgar and probably offensive, but I love it!

dragonfly said...

Awww, I got here too late and all those I know have already been guessed (by Deb!). Great quotes though!! :)

dragonfly said...

Ooh oooh!! I know #12. I could totally hear Sandra Bullock on the second quote and my brain almost fried while running through all of her movies but it's HOPE FLOATS. Right?

Tammy said...

Yep - you got #12 - it is Hope Floats.

There are only a few unguessed left! #6, 7, 11, and 14. Can't believe I'm stumping you all! :)

Deb R said...

I keep looking and looking, but I think I'm all guessed out. The others aren't even sounding familiar to me, although they ARE sounding interesting! :-)