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I set my intentions earlier this year and the biggest one was to move closer to the ocean (like within a few miles!)

I need to put this back out there in writing. I want this to happen - feel like this WILL happen - this year.

I know I have mentioned again and again job opportunities for Mike and so far, they have not happened. Well, this one came along on Monday and I'm very hopeful, very excited that this is the one. Maybe the reason all the others have fallen through even!

It is a government job, a transfer for him, a pay raise, and relocation is covered. AND... this is the amazing part - it is in Coos Bay/North Bend, Oregon. This is one of the places that we fell in love with when we traveled the Oregon coast about three years ago! We truly loved the area! Our favorite beach from the whole trip is about 30 minutes away! (Coquille Point - near Bandon, OR).

We think that Mike's chances are good for this one because it is such a small town, and it seems that they may be having trouble filling the position. It is 2.5 hours to a "large" town (Eugene) and it is 4 hours to Portland. Otherwise, there isn't much nearby except the Bay and the Ocean! Coos Bay and North Bend combined have about 25,000 people.

Monday night, Mike and I spent three hours talking about it, looking up stuff on the Internet, looking at potential rental houses, etc. It was fun to dream a bit, but it also felt really real. We won't know anything for a bit yet, of course, but I'm telling myself this is the one. I'll deal with the disappointment later if it isn't, but for now - it IS.

Please send some good vibes our way as we hope for this opportunity!!

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Janet said...

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you and Mike. I love the Oregon Coast and Eugene is an awesome town. We lived near there at one time and I loved it. This is exciting!!

Sacred Suzie said...

Oh Tammy, I really really really hope this comes through for you. Few places are more beautiful than Oregon. I think it's time you made this plunge.

Tammy said...

Thank you Janet and Suzie! I'll keep you all posted. The job closes in two weeks, so hopefully we'll hear something pretty quickly from there! It's hard to wait now!

It's good to hear you loved the area Janet! It would be an adjustment to live in a really small town, but I think one we'll like. And I agree Suzie - I think it's TIME! I want to plunge! :)

Tammy said...

My aunt lives there and you will love it! Sending mojo!!!!!!!!!!!

Shannon the Movie Moxie said...

I'm happy to send good vibes your way Tammy!!! All the best to you I hope it all works out!

nap girl said...

rootin for you miss tammy!

Jana B said...

That sounds SOOOOOO awesome for you guys!!!

If it is meant to be, I'm sure you will be telling us all about your moving adventures soon!


lila said...

My daughter lived in Eugene about 10 yrs ago. It is a cool town!
I'm impressed that your mom is making quilts for you! Those quilts will help make any place you move into a good home!
(Thanks for the visit and comment on my blog!)

I AM said...

ng by to say hi and that I've been thinking of you a lot lately.

I'm sending you & Mike lots of positive...coastal...energy.

Anonymous said...

Hope it goes well! It sounds like a lovely place to live...I'll keep my fingers crossed! Keep us posted!