More ATCs!

Posted by Tammy

I am up to 8 out of my challenge of 30 ATCs made during this month!! I doodled while watching TV last night! These first two are in the mail on their way to my niece and nephew. Joy drew a picture for me about a month ago (I posted about it here), so I thought I would send her something in return. I included a card for her brother David, too.

Cards 6, 7, and 8 are just doodles! This is what I do best, and what I enjoy drawing the most! No rhyme or reason. I almost always like the outcome! These were very fun!! I will probably do more like them as I head toward my 30! The outline on the first card is a continuous line. There is an entry and an exit point for the line, but no other breaks!

In other artsy news, my art therapist is having an open house/art show at the end of the month. She asked me to bring in some art to display! I am meeting her this afternoon with three potential pieces!! I'll try to get some photos when she has the show! Fun!!

3 Opinions:

Jamie said...

Yay to more Tammy art! Congratulations on the opportunity to display some pieces. I love looking at your use of colour and line :)

Janet said...

ONE continuous line!!!! That just blows me away! I love these pieces. And congrats on getting to show some of your work.

Sacred Suzie said...

Woohoo! You go Tammy! That is so exciting!