Photos from Arkansas

Posted by Tammy

I am slow on the uptake! I am finally just now getting my photos from my trip to visit sisters in AR uploaded!

My sister Vicki wasn't able to go out and about with us, so I took tons of photos. I won't post them all here, but you can see the whole set at my flickr!

We went to this amazing, magical place on Sunday with my sister Rhonda and niece Sheri (Sheri is Vicki's daughter. We also got to see my niece Amanda (Rhonda's daughter) and her family.)

Terra Studios in Durham, AR, is the home of the Bluebird of Happiness. What an astonishing place! Artist's live on the premises and there is art absolutely everywhere!! You can purchase some of it - blown glass, sculpture, and pottery in the gift shops. But, the grounds are just the most amazing thing - gnomes, dragons, fairies, everywhere you look! There is a wonderful labyrinth (it was too muddy to walk...) and a path back into the woods! It was such a great place! I took SO many photos - here are a few of my favorites!

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I AM said...

what a beautiful picture. I'm loving that haircut.

i've been down to AR several times, but have never heard of the studios,. i will have to check it out some time.

hope all is well w. u & mike and that you're adjusting to missing Luna.