Sad Weekend at My House

Posted by Tammy

I had a sad kitty weekend at my house. It's sad AND happy actually.

We have five cats - 3 boys and 2 girls. The girls (Miss Girl and Luna) do not get along. We combined our kitties about 2 and a half years ago, and for this whole time - they have not gotten along! We kept thinking that it would settle down, they would get used to each other, but it hasn't happened.

Miss Girl is a special case. Mike (my other half) rescued her and Ben from a very abusive situation. She has some pretty odd medical issues that we are working on figuring out. What I finally decided is that this little cat deserves to be happy, and with Luna in the house, she is not.
So - after much worrying, we decided to try and place Luna somewhere else. Luna is a happy-go-lucky cat who likes everyone, so she'll adjust. We're hoping that Miss Girl will adjust and settle down a bit with Luna gone.

Thankfully, our friends Rod and Rebecca love Luna and have decided to take her (temporarily for now - but permanently unless something bad happens). We took Luna to them on Saturday morning. (They have two cats - both boys, so we think she'll do well!) She was doing quite well when we left her on Saturday - wandering around and checking out the house. She was nervous, and shedding like a fiend, but she knows and loves Rod and Rebecca already! Their two cats (Angus and Fezzig) hadn't come out of hiding while we were there.

I had to call (concerned kitty mom!) yesterday to see how she had done over night. It seems like she is going to adjust quite quickly! The boys are taking longer to adjust to her, but there hasn't been any actual fighting or bad stuff!

I am very sad that Luna had to find a new place, but I will be happy if it helps Miss Girl be a happier kitty. Knowing that Luna is with people who love her, and knowing that I can still see her and get updates has helped immensely! If this works out, and Luna stays with Rod and Rebecca permanently, the next time I visit, I plan to make a ClayPaws® print for myself of Luna's paw so I have a keepsake of my big girl!

You know, the thing I missed the most about her this weekend? She has been my "bathroom buddy" her whole life. I never went into the bathroom where Luna didn't come with me for almost five years! It was lonely without her!

(I cross-posted this blog entry with my work blog - it was pertinent to both work and home!)

4 Opinions:

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry that you had to make a decision like this - but you are such a wonderful Kitty-mama to think of the needs of all your kitties. =) I'm so glad that friends were able to take Luna and you will still get to see her!

Janet said...

So sorry you had to give up one of your kitties but it sounds as if she went to a good home....and one where you can still visit her now and then. I had a chuckle about the bathroom part because my LuLu always follows me into the bathroom, too.

Hugs to you.

Sacred Suzie said...

I think it was very brave of you Tammy to put her needs first and find her a home she will be less stressed in but I am sorry for the sadness you are going through right now. That is so hard.

lila said...

It sounds like all of your kitties are benefiting from the new arrangement!
I just read your Arkansas post. I leve very close to durham and have been out to Terra Studios! I took my granddaughter there once, when she was almost 5...we had a great time!