Lacking Motivation

Posted by Tammy

Summer. I don't like it. It's too hot, and my motivation, what little I have, goes down the tubes. I'm ready for fall! Or a move to cooler climes.

I think I have seasonal affective disorder, but instead of being like most people where winter affects you, it's summer for me. Honestly, I just can't handle being hot - I get cranky and irritable (just ask Mike!) Andrea (my best friend) and I were just discussing this the other day. She is much the same way as me. We just don't want to do anything in the summer - want to stay indoors, out of the hot sun. It's depressing!

On a more positive note - I did scoop up a bit of motivation on Sunday. My art room needed cleaning (for months!) and I finally motivated to do it! My reason - I want to be able to do yoga before work in the mornings. There was so much crap on the floor that I didn't have room! So, I cleaned, threw junk away, am sending a big bag of "stuff" to my sister Vicki, etc. I have bags to go to Goodwill, and used books to turn in to the bookstore! Yay! AND - best of all, I have room to do yoga again! And I did do it yesterday morning. I could hardly move this morning because my unused muscles are so sore! But, I'll keep trying! It felt good! (Although I was too hot - go figure. A new fan is in order!)

I hope you all are well! Wedding plans are moving along. My shower is coming up in less than a month! The invitations are going out this week! Fun!! :)

5 Opinions:

Janet said...

Oh, how I can relate to this. I just don't like summer anymore! It's just too hot where we live and my energy is completely gone. I stay inside most of the time and even with the a/c I still don't feel like doing much.

Maybe I should take up yoga....then I might get my studio cleaned!!

Jana B said...

In spite of my annoyance with the heat, I am still a total summer girl... but becoming less so each summer. I've started getting sick from the heat WAY easier lately.

Yoga... I started trying that today! I did a few minutes this morning before work... not enough to count for much, but enough to learn the first 5 minutes of the DVD lol

Jodie said...

Cleaning out and creating space is such a good way to get more creative - once you can see what you've got you can create with it.

Sacred Suzie said...

Tammy, you're going to LOVE going west when the opportunity finally comes. Summer is so much more civilized, I miss it so much. The heat broke me yesterday, I hate it. Winter's bad, summer is worse for me too.

I'm so glad you got to do your own clearing ceremony of your crafts room, makes a huge difference doesn't it? I can't wait to see what you create next.

lila said...

The slump in the summer is a real thing! I even read an article about it!
I hate the drone of the air conditioner...alternatively, I hate being hot.
Clearing out and giving away things makes room for more "air"...spiritual space or cool breezes!
Have a great week!