Tattling on Mike... and updates

Posted by Tammy

Wow - it has been a couple weeks since I last posted. Time flies! Things have been busy!

First off - my wedding dress drama has been solved! I purchased the more "traditional" dress rather than the red Indian dress. I love my ivory dress - I feel pretty in it! That is a good thing for your wedding day! :)

Next - I HAVE to tattle on Mike. I caught him trying to be sneaky last night. As I mentioned in my last post, I am trying to not let him see my dress before our wedding day. I didn't bring it home with me when I purchased it - it's stored somewhere else! Well, he reads my blog now and then, and he decided he would "borrow" one of YOUR names (my blog readers!) and email me using that name to try and get me to send him the picture of me in my dress! Turkey!

Only thing is - he did this while I was home, and I saw him attempting to do it! I can't decide if he was really trying or if he wanted me to catch him at it - which I did! I'm glad now that I didn't bring the dress home - he said he wouldn't go looking, but now... I don't know! I foiled his master plan though! It was very funny to see him spluttering trying to explain what he was up to!

Let's see... other than wedding plans - what is up? Work has been extremely busy lately. I got a promotion! I'm no longer the business manager - I am fully web now - webmaster/web designer! It is a good change for me!

Mike is still looking for work other than his current (awful) job. There is a possibility in Corvallis, OR - send out some positive vibes for that if you would. It would be great!

My parents are home (in Colorado) for a couple of months. I haven't seen them yet, but will soon. Mom is going to help me do some shopping for wedding stuff soon too! That will be fun!

I hope all of your summers are going well! Don't give up on stopping by - I will post now and then! I am posting over at Friendship of the Fabulous Foodies more regularly, and my work blog too if you're interested - http://claypaws.typepad.com/.

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friend127 said...

I wouldn't be too hard on Mike. I'm sure he was just curious, because he loves you very much and wants you to be happy on your Special Day!

groovyholly said...

Awww, if I were you, I'd think it was sweet that he's so interested! I wish I could meet a guy who was so sweet, caring, and thoughtful.... you are so lucky! It wasn't very nice of you to tattle on him. You should probably do something really special for him when he gets home tonight to make it up to him!

Tammy said...

I do believe we have a little blog "subterfuge" going on here! Methinks that Mike has learned how to leave blog comments - borrowing names and all!

Holly - if it was you leaving the comment, I apologize, but somehow I think it was Mike using your name! (I'm sorry he "stole" your identity!)

Mike you should behave! :)

Jamie said...

How wonderful you have a dress you feel pretty in. I'm sure you'll be beautiful!

And tsk, tsk Mike!

holly said...

Hmmmmm, considering I've already married my Mr. Wonderful, I think your sweetie tried to steal my identity! Oh the nerve!!!! lol. At least he didn't say anything nasty! You know it's me cuz I always am directly linked on my name. Too funny. Glad you solved the mystery and I'm flattered that he thought I carry that much weight with you! There is really only ONE groovyholly and the world is very glad for that!!!

Sacred Suzie said...

What a sneaky snake! OMG, I can't he did that, super creative, LOL. He must be SOOOOOO curious and completely justifies you hiding it OUTSIDE of the house, LOL.

It's nice to see you posting here Tammy and thank you for your kind Twitter comment. We're all a little devastated here.

Janet said...

I've been on a blog break so I'm late reading your post. I'm sure the ivory dress is beautiful, and I'm sure Mike is curious. I think he was very "inventive" to try that sneaky email thing but good for you for catching him. It's bad luck to see the dress before the wedding!!

Congrats on the promotion! That's great news.