01-20-2009 - A Day to Remember

Posted by Tammy

Inauguration Day. I have never been so aware before of a day like this in our history. I am aware today. I can't turn off the TV!

My high school alma mater marching band is in Washington DC today. They were chosen to march in the parade there! How cool is that?! I marched all four years of my high school career (except when I had knee surgery!) I was on the color guard and played either French Horn or Bass Clarinet in concert band.

I went to Windsor (about 15 miles from where I live now) last Wednesday afternoon to watch the band in a mini-parade for the community in preparation for their trip. They looked awesome! I hope they rock today in Washington and enjoy the amazing experience they are having! I also have a short video of them playing. You can see it here. I can't get it to embed correctly on my blog this morning!

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Janet said...

It was an AMAZING day!! What a wonderful experience for all the young people who got to participate in the parade. They were there when history was made!